3CX VOIP Telephone Systems
3CX is a Windows-based software IP phone exchange (PBX). If your business spends as little as $20 per month on phone-calls, not including line-rental and internet connections, it is highly likely that internet telephony (VoIP) will be able to save your business money.
If you do not have fast internet in your office, the system can also be used without VoIP, using a normal phone-line or even a mobile gateway to make the phone calls. If fast internet becomes available in your area the system will easily migrate over to use VoIP without requiring any new hardware, other than to allow you to connect your network to the internet, and without retraining your staff.

With a 3CX PBX you can:

— Use SIP trunking/bridging to tie together your offices for free calls between offices
— Use any SIP compatible phone, or a softphone (PC based phone used with a headset)
— Keep your existing phone number when expanding to a bigger office
— Work from home without missing phone calls
— See the status of co-workers: whether they’re away from their desk, on a call or busy — even in bridged offices
— Integrate video and non-video doorbells and door-latches into the system
— Failover to a standard phone-line if you lose your internet connection

Making the switch to VoIP is easy. If your office already has data-cabling for computer workstations, you have all of the cabling that you need to deploy a 3CX PBX as the computers and telephones run on the same network. All you need is a dedicated computer on the network for the 3CX software.

If you have employees that work from home, they can connect to the PBX from their personal network. They have the same extension at home as they do in the office, meaning co-workers do not have to think about where to forward their calls. Callers do not have to know that the employee is working from home, and calls can be made using the office phone number without any expense to the employee.

The benefits of a 3CX PBX are great and varied and only some of the features and benefits are mentioned here. Please call or email to discuss how we can save you money in your individual situation.

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